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hardware-fobrs.pngPST has engineered the new Celeritas Fiber Optic Response System to accurately gather participant responses and verify signals.

The new system can be customized to fit your research needs by selecting the combination of Button Response Units (BRUs) and Joysticks. The BRUs and Joysticks comfortably fit small to large hand sizes and are constructed entirely of non-metallic components - completely eliminating all metal inside the magnet room. The units communicate button presses through fiber optic cabling which connects to an Interface Console located in the control room through an available wave guide.

The Interface Console provides real-time feedback of participant responses via LED indicators and includes a set of buttons to make responses for the participant as needed. The system seamlessly integrates with E-Prime® through a USB connection. The new Interface Console comes with an Optical Connector and a BNC Connector. These connectors allow the computer to accept either an optical or an electrical TTL pulse that the stimulus presentation computer interprets as another button press, allowing the user to synchronize their experiments with the MR scanner.

Celeritas Fiber Optical Response System Features:

  • Thin, flexible cabling with easy-to-attach connectors
  • 10-meter (or 32.8 ft) cable with 10-meter extensions available
  • Electrical and optical scanner trigger connections
  • Supports any combination of BRUs and Joysticks on either hand
  • Displays responses on the front panel in real-time
  • External digital inputs and outputs for interfacing with third-party equipment
  • Connects as a standard USB keyboard and joystick (HID - Human Interface Device) when not using E-Prime
  • Ability to mask scanner trigger key responses when device is not in use
  • Can store ten custom key mapping profiles
  • Optimized for increased performance when used with E-Prime®

For more information, visit the Celeritas product page.